Traveling on Behalf






One day my mom forced me to listen to her story. I was playing around and refused to listen to her story but she made me to listen. My mom – looking abashed- told me that she and her friend used to listen to a popular San Francisco song. Her friend would say that they should both go to San Francisco and meet up there. My mom would then laugh at her but her friend was optimistic and would say: “who knows we will be there one day”.

The day my Mom told me this story was a few weeks before she passed away. This was also while I was waiting for my US Embassy Interview to be reunited with my husband. After she told me her oldies story, I said I will invite her to SF some day but she just said “you go there first”. Finally, I’ve done it mom! I went to San Francisco and I just realized, I did it for you. Because you allowed me to and maybe you wanted it to happen too.

Never bury your dream, never play around with what you wish for. Allah will may make it happen for you, even through the next generation, If Allah wills!


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