Mudik to Jakarta with 6 months Old Baby

JakartaJakarta is my home town. No matter how crowded and dirty it is,  I will always love Jakarta. When I decided to bring my 6 month old baby, as a first time mom I was very careful about what I was going to do in Jakarta. This city is full of air pollution. From end to end. Yes.. Its just part of Jakartans behavior  since old times.

Choose your vehicle:

Public transportation are popular. Since traffic jam is common thing in Jakarta aka Batavia. You can have Uber, taxis, bajaj (blue motor gas pedicab) and bus. Not recommended to get Ojek  during travel with your  6 months old baby! Try google image what is Ojek 😛

Prepare your App:

  1. Google Map
  2. Uber (personal car driver you can pay using credit card or PayPal)
  3. GoJek (reliable motorcycle messenger but you need to be fluent in Bahasa Indonesian)
  4. QuicklyHotel ( last minute deals apps for hotel room)

I was bit obsessive with car seat because she might not be able to adapt once we go back to California. I asked my sisters to prepared car seat. I only use twice during one month stay in Indonesia.She can be sleeping and play around on the sling. Yep, no car seat rules in Indonesia. Its between good and bad thing. Baby loves to sit on lap (with sling or carrier  of course) is the good thing. The bad thing you might wanna be worry the baby will trying to adapt once again in car seat  later.

Next on your list is make a travel plan. Details is not necessary, but at least have plan. Like where will you go, with  whom, by what and what kind of food you should bring!About meal plan I am doing the Baby Led Weaning method to introduce solid for my baby. She manage well having chunks of potatoes, watermelon even rice. We always prep some drinks atlas after and meals . That drinks not include the breast milk too. But things like frozen fruits, baby cereal is not common thing. Prepare the meal plan.

Sleep Plan will help for you and baby when your baby still adapt at the time zone in Jakarta and your back home. My baby was got jet lag for 2 days. But she was okay when we strolling around and she needs nap. Since we had stroller and carrier. But please make the baby comfy when she starts sleepy. My baby had difficulties to sleep on sling if the weather too hot. One time we went to restaurant, but theres no Air-condition inside the restaurant. Oh yes it was night mare!!My sister helped us with cheap 20k Rupiahs of hand fans to made Maryam comfortable while the mom busy took stuffs for the passport documents.

Travel mean lots of mobile activity for you and baby during traveling in Jakarta. It helps you to lost weight too haha. But also stressful when you have to carry the 8-10 lbs baby in your sling all day long. Please bring innovative product aka stroller. If you forgot… Hmm that means you need massage all the time after you strolling around with baby. Not to mention stroller is not common thing in Jakarta, so not every public shopping mall has it. I know only 3 malls have stroller to be use freely for baby. It was Grand Indonesia Mall, Senayan City Mall, Kota Kasablanka Mall and Pacific Place Mall. You just have to exchange the stroller with your passport or license to get it. Senayan City mall is asked you to keep 200k rupiahs as deposits of the stroller. (They might afraid you lost it or steal it ,lol). But if you use stroller in public street, get ready to get lots of bumps. Not all pedestrian walk is highly maintained in Jakarta.

Mosquito bite and flu is should be prevented! Zika virus was not happened in Jakarta when I was visiting. But there is might chance all the time you and your little baby get bite. I often to bring essential oil, long sleeves and stay away from non AC place. Thats the best options. Also flu people is biggest enemy. Please wipe your baby all time whenever people finished touch her. Oh not to mentions cousins with flu need to be warned. Its not fun at all after kid sick.

Super duper safety  is Stay SAFE.. If you travel alone, get easy access to your wallet and always backup your cash in other place, keep your phone active, write down the taxi number and car identity if you use uber or grab car. Jakarta people is friendly. But pickpocket, and criminals also will look friendly. Always tell someone where you are when you travel only with baby.

Breast feeding Mamas, good news for you Jakarta shopping mall will have spot to  nurse. Good spot one I found  in Kota Casablanca Second Floor. Other malls that I went which has breastfeeding room is in Pacific Place Third Floor, Senayan City Third Floor.

Smoking is illegal, but yet you will have the pollution in Jakarta. Be ready. If you don’t want the baby being second hand smoke, stay away from walking around parking spot, man toilet. Those two places are the most comfort  smoking spot.

Oh now your ready to travel? Jakarta has so many discounts in malls. Not to mention spicy foods but international restaurant appear in food court. My favorite spots beside shopping malls:

If you have to go buy some cookies..

  • Pandora for yum cookies
  • Kue Subuh  for early morning traditional cookies galore at Pusat Perdagangan Senen Blok I – II, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10410,Indonesia

Ice Cream? Ragusa  at Jalan Veteran I, No. 10, Gambir

Traditional + Mix Cuisine:

  • Beautika for Manado spicy cuisine at Jl. Abdul Muis No. 70A
  • Bubur Ayam Cikini for chicken porridge
  • Any Padang Restaurant for Padang cuisine like Rendang and Fish-head curry
  • Happy Day Restaurant at Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No.19, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta





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