What I Felt as First Time Mom In Song Titles 


Because being a new Mama is  super stressful and you will agree with me!

Your life changes once the baby comes out from  the cozy womb. You will have to adapt to sleepless nights. Over years ago I was shocked with this phase of motherhood. I was too tired after contractions bombarded me for more than 24 hours, not to mention the struggle in breastfeeding all the while my baby demand me to be a soother, diaper cleaner, milk factory! :p It was felt so good when someone asked how was my feeling that time.

The first thing you should do as a new mom: get help.

Spouse – family – friends is your power. So I use them well. They helped me with meals, gave me tips and even just a shoulder to lean on😁 After finding the supporters for her, ask her something if there’s something you can do for her. I asked my husband to buy food and groceries and he even cooked😂


2# Song

The mom after post partum is a sensitive person. Its not just me had that feeling eh?!

They have dealt  with difficult times during labor, please be gentle after they finished their motherly  job. Give them a hug to calm them down and ask God to make their transition time after delivering a human  be an easy process. Some women deal with Post Partum Depression. A condition where they feel scared, sad and that cannot handle the baby. Some who suffered it worse, left the house or even killed their children! Please check mommy’s feelings after delivery. No matter how attached we are to the baby,  the mother is the hero.

3# Song

When you just had baby, you are in mixed feeling yeah..

But hey, life goes on Mamas everywhere! Time will make your life easier after the hardship. Your little one crying and your panda looking eyes will be immediately replaced, because you will be showered by the baby cuteness, smile, coo, laugh, babble, and many more!


4# Song

I was that girl that has exhausted emotion, physically tired, and you can’t beat that.Ugh!

Feel free to cry, hate and embrace all kinds of emotions, but you will also have to get up and gain more positive frame of mind from time to time.. You may be sleepy, tired with panda eyes or even smelly  – since your too busy for luxurious shower.


Suddenly I felt I was the big baby who cried for help..

That days of tiring  situation made me missed a far away land called home. Back and fort, I was pressing Skype or FaceTime or WhatsApp buttons on my phone! All I want just made my self felt at home. I meant I was missing my childhood time after delivered a baby:D


Yes I wanted the happy feeling appears, in motherhood.

We are human who can not bear anger sometimes. Many times when you are just too tired and anger kicks in within. Don’t add any bad opinion about her, don’t ask unless she tell story first. Have chit chat about something she likes. Korean drama perhaps:p


7# Song

Please note……Being First Time Mom its the biggest  thing in my life. In every women’s life too! 

As we all know, first thing always never run smooth. Lets respect to a new mom learning process. It is not easy for her to manage herself sometimes, now she has baby to take care with. Respect her by:

  1. Help . Even person that helping new mama to open the entrance door, it is simple thing but really helpful.
  2. Share your opinion  within portion . When she doesn’t do something really dangerous for her baby, let her do it by herself. She might doesn’t know yet that hat is important for newborn baby. Don’t immediately command her to put hat on. Validate the weather condition and say  indirectly. Let her initiate baby head is important to get covered.
  3. Support her. Its never easy being first time mom. She need support. Give some snacks, extra help during house hold chores, or anything that  she complain. If she complain about her spouse or in law, be a good listener. Shoulder to cry on is big support.

Welcome to Motherhood !

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